Pediatric Extractions in Costa Mesa, CA

The mention of pediatric dental extractions may evoke concerns for parents, but rest assured, modern techniques and anesthesia ensure the process is gentle, safe, and aimed at preserving the child's oral health and well-being.

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Why Does Your Child Need a Dental Extraction?

Your child might need a dental extraction if they have severe dental decay with deep and large cavities that the pediatric dentist can’t address with dental fillings and pulpotomies. The same goes if your child has dental abscesses below the affected tooth or a severely fractured tooth that’s impossible to restore. Extracting the tooth keeps the infection from spreading to the other teeth and gums, maintaining long-term dental health.

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Wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth, with more than 10 million wisdom teeth being pulled every year.

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Basic Tooth Extractions

At Little Roots Pediatric Dentistry, we offer basic dental extraction for kids of all ages. Our extraction process is simple, safe, and painless. Our extraction process is handled by highly-qualified pediatrician dentists and anesthesiologists, ensuring a comfortable and seamless procedure that takes as little as thirty minutes.

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Stress-Free Care

If fear is keeping you or your kiddo from scheduling an appointment, we’re delighted to offer FREE nitrous oxide with your child’s treatment! Laughing gas can help them relax during their extraction and then resume daily activities with a smile.

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The Benefits of Tooth Extractions

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The Extraction Process

Initial Assessment and Anesthesia

Dr. Hani or Dr. Linda will first examine your child’s teeth for signs of cavities, gum disease, and dental abscesses. They might also take x-rays to determine the position of the tooth’s roots and their position to the surrounding teeth. They’ll then use information from the examination to determine the necessity of a dental extraction for your child's case. If so, they'll inject a local anesthetic inside the child’s gums to numb the tooth and surrounding region.

Tooth Loosening and Extraction

After numbing the tooth, Dr. Hani or Dr. Linda will use an elevator to gently lift it from its sockets. Next, they’ll use a pair of forceps to clasp the tooth and rock it back and forth until they can effortlessly pull it from its socket.

Bleeding Control and Gauze Placement

Bleeding begins immediately after Dr. Hani or Dr. Linda pulls the tooth. They’ll ask your child to bite down on a gauze pad to stop the bleeding. After, they’ll provide you with instructions for taking care of your child’s teeth until it heals. Follow these instructions to the letter for the best effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us to speak with our team.

Will My Child Need a Space Maintainer After Their Tooth Extraction?

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Your child might need a space maintainer following their tooth extraction if it was removed before their adult tooth is ready to erupt. Space maintainers occupy the space left over by the missing tooth/teeth to prevent the neighboring teeth from moving towards. This prevents teeth from crowding in the future and allows the adult teeth to emerge properly when they come in.

Is Premature Tooth Loss Bad for Your Child?

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Yes, your child losing their teeth prematurely could spell a barrage of dental issues in the long run. For starters, the neighboring teeth might start to shift towards the empty space left by the missing teeth. This could cause crowding and prevent the permanent teeth from emerging properly. Furthermore, missing teeth put more stress on the remaining teeth, accelerating their wear.

Will My Child Feel Pain During the Dental Extraction?

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No, pediatric dental extractions are far from painful because our dentists will administer local anesthetic to numb the affected tooth and surrounding gums. This anesthetic blocks pain signals from the nerves to the brain, ensuring a painless procedure save from a slight pinch when injecting the local anesthetic.

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