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May 11, 2023

Meet Dr. Linda and Dr. Hani

Dr. Linda Ngo and Dr. Hanieh Hassani—known to their patients as Dr. Linda and Dr. Hani, respectively—are thrilled to open their own pediatric dental practice in Costa Mesa. Both are Board Certified Pediatric Dentists, meaning they have the specialized training necessary to provide the highest quality dental care to kids of all ages. Helping children achieve healthy, confident smiles and overcome dental fears or anxieties is a huge motivator for both of them, and one of the reasons they’re so dedicated to delivering expert care with a gentle, compassionate approach. Both Dr. Linda and Dr. Hani also have extensive experience working with children with special needs, making sure each child (and their family) feels comfortable with their care.

A Caring Community

We’re a small but mighty team that goes out of our way to make patients feel right at home. Step into our office and you’ll be greeted by our friendly front desk receptionist before heading back to see one of our hygienists and either Dr. Linda or Dr. Hani. Our motto is to support our patients on their journey to a lifetime of healthy smiles, whether that starts in infancy, childhood, or even adolescence. Your family deserves a place where dental appointments are comfortable and convenient—and we strive to prioritize those values at every turn. 

Comprehensive Care for Little Smiles

We treat kiddos with all kinds of dental concerns, whether it’s establishing a routine home for preventive dental care, dealing with restorative treatments like crowns, fillings, or bridges, or catering to children with complex dental needs or special health concerns. Both Dr. Linda and Dr. Hani have extensive training in all aspects of pediatric dentistry and have made it their mission to help kids of all ages feel more comfortable visiting the dentist. Helping our patients smile a little wider—and feel confident with their dental care—is what it’s all about. 

Your Child’s Smile Deserves The Best

Start your child off on the right path to optimal dental health by choosing Board Certified Pediatric Dentists with a gentle approach. Contact us today to ask us any questions you may have, book your first appointment, or just learn a little more about our practice.

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Expert Care, Compassionate Approach

Your Child’s Smile Deserves the Best

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